4 Top Actionable Ecommerce Link Building Strategies

Gaining quality backlinks for an e-commerce website might be a nightmare these days because no one likes to link a webpage that sells some products. But you could overcome this if your product page looks more than just for product!

When it comes to organic link building there are two things to be considered:

  • Earning powerful links more enough to have an impact in the website ranking in your niche industry
  • Gaining backlinks to the product pages that could improve your listing in organic search results

Here are a few tips that might help you in building backlinks to your shopping website:

Publicize your Knowledge on Other Websites

Guest blogging is one of the powerful tools that could still be valued when it comes to earning quality links. Sometimes shopping sites and affiliate links won’t be accepted in few sites, in such case you could be able to link an article from your website as a supplement article in the guest blogging content. Ontolo is a free tool that helps in increasing your guest posting opportunities, but it’s a paid service, whereas Buzzstream link building query generator is a free tool where you can get opportunities to guest blog in the websites via Google and Bing search results.

There are also few other communities where site owner seek guest authors. Some of those sites are PostJoint, MyBlogGuest, Guestr, Copy foy Bylines, blogSynergy, etc. also while doing so you must be careful as there are many low quality non-relevant sites that accepts your content.

Recreating Popular Content that No Longer Exists

As we know this the world of SEO, only unused methods are getting popular these days. Broken link building is one such popular technique as it does not show any signs of getting devalued by Google.

The concept is not much tricky! Simply take some popular web pages that are no longer online and remake them on your website. The matter is to contact sites that were linked to the old page and inform them that the old page has been disappeared and you have got the newer version of it with better visibility.

To understand more about this, you could go through The Broken Link Building Bible, which is a great guide presented by Moz.com. You may also use The Broke Link Finder tool available at Citation Labs that could help you better with finding broken links easier.

Showcase your Product Videos in a Better Way

Many ecommerce sites display powerful images to showcase their products. But, product videos could help you go a long way. It is not a compulsion that every product must have commercial videos like that are telecasted in TV channels, but a simple video that could explain your product better than your content is all sufficient to give it a closer look. The video may explain about how to use the product, what its benefits are, what the specialties to buy it are or just a slideshow along with images works far better.

Making a video already gives you an SEO juice i.e., a thumbnail in the search results that could lead to more views. Such video drags the attention of the users that drives huge traffic to your website too.

Earn Links by giving Freebies

Another essential thing about ecommerce sites when compared to other sites is that they can offer products to get reviewed by bloggers or other people in the media. When it comes to earning quality links, the cost of selling a product might worth the cost of giving your products for free!!

Once you become active in the industry, you might gain relationships with fellow bloggers who would be agreeing to post a review of your product on their blog and this is where you can link your product page! You can also get paid services from BlogDash, GroupHigh, which are worth spending! Also, there are a few sites like Business2Blogger, Tomoson where you can very well expose your product via reviews. Be sure to check the quality guidelines before publishing any content on product reviews.

There are a lot more ways to earn backlinks for ecommerce website and I hope the four techniques mentioned above could make sense to compete in your niche industry!!

If you have any ideas about building quality backlinks, do let us know through your comments!

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Amarina Jilli is a web consultant and a Digital Marketing Strategist at an SEO company Melbourne. She is passionate about blogging and sharing inspiring ideas on the web.

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