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The presentation is created by Rand from SEOmoz and Dharmesh from HubSpot, and these guys kicked some educational asses.

There are some really great information for SEO industry in this slideshow, like the fact that we reached 3 billion searches per day in 2012 and that’s double when comparing with 2011.
Also, 75% of clicks are going to organic results, not the paid ads and that more then 50% of search queries have no paid ads at all (great info for PPC guys).

Check out the rest of the slideshow and soak the knowledge.

Check out all 39 slides and learn what was and what will be in the world of Internet marketing.

The following article is for someone who knows what affiliate marketing is and wants to have a go. The following advice underlines the key points for any kind of affiliate program, whether it be through promoting bingo brands through a bingo portal or selling TVs through your site on a commission, the advice can be transferred over.

The fundamentals of affiliate marketing are really simple. You just need to create a website that you send visitors to other sites or you sell someone else’s product on your site. You will then get paid either per sale or per visit.

What do I Promote?

The best thing that you could promote is something that you know a lot about or you love doing. A bingo player will know more about bingo than someone who has never plaid the game before, and someone who loves to play golf will be able to give advice regarding golf equipment. Never go with an affiliate programme just because it pays the most, this is where new affiliates go wrong. If you are able to promote something you have a passion for, not only will you be more successful but you will also enjoy promote it more.

A key point to note is not every site or product will have an affiliate program and some programmes are country based. E.g. a UK affiliate programme may not want you to promote them if they do not ship overseas, etc, if you are based in the US.

Do I need Money to Start affiliate marketing?

The simple answer is, no. As long as you can afford a domain name and afford the hosting each month then this is the minimum that you will need to spend. I will not lying, someone with a huge budget will have an extreme advantage to someone without one but it is possible to start an affiliate site with just your hosting costs and still make money.

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How to get an Advantage and Lower Costs?

Four important factors to be successful with affiliate marketing without a budget are being good at the following:

  • Website Coding
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Writer

Being able to code websites – You do not need to have been coding for 10 years, just a few months research will give you trial and error when trying to modify a template. Free templates do work but if you wish for better conversions you need something that looks unique and professional.

Making your site look appealing – Being able to code a website is a plus but making your site easy on the eyes is a must, free templates simple do not cut is. The reason they are free is because no one would pay for them, so, what does that tell you? You are able to pay a little for some unique templates if you wish to skip coding and design, but you will not get around creating a logo for free unless you design it yourself.

Search engine optimisation – Your new affiliate site could look amazing, you could have even outsourced £1,000s to get the design and coding just right, but without traffic to your site you are not making a single penny. SEO is defiantly worth learning and should be a key part of your affiliate marketing strategy.

Knowing basic writing skills is a must – You must know how to spell, use basic grammar and make your articles make sense. You constantly need fresh content on your site to keep your visitors happy and for the search engines. You can use plugins and Microsoft Word to help you will spelling mistakes and basic grammar but they can only take you half way.

Author Bio
The following article was written by Craig who owns the online bingo portal Love to Play Bingo, a site that compares the latest sites UK bingo sites. If you wish to ask any question just comment below and he will be more than happy to respond.

B2b email marketing is arguably the most cost-effective platform to share news about your products with other companies in your industry. However, there are a number of guidelines which are essential to follow in order for a b2b email marketing campaign to succeed.

Here we lists some basic b2b email marketing guidelines.

Strong subject line

This is arguably one of the most important elements of any marketing email. Emails with the most engaging, fascinating content in the world are unlikely to be opened unless they have a subject line which encourages consumers to open it. A great subject line should be short, personalised and include a reason why the message should be opened.

Suitable frequency

One of the main reasons customers unsubscribe from b2b marketing emails is because they are contacted either too much or not enough by a brand. One good rule of thumb with regards to frequency is to only send emails if it has an objective. Emails without an objective is just noise to customers, meaning your time and effort would be best spent elsewhere.


Email MarketingSending emails at an appropriate time is a key step to improving open, click-through and conversion rates. Marketers should take note of which day their subscribers tend to open and click through the most. Many experts in the field believe that Tuesday is the best day to send b2b marketing emails whilst Friday afternoons are thought to be particularly poor.

Formal Tone

B2B emails should adopt the same tone as face-to-face meeting with potential clients. Some b2c marketing emails may get away with a less formal tones but this is inappropriate in a b2b environment.


Using your email marketing software to work out which tactics are working for you and where you need to improve. The definition of a fool is a person who completes the same action twice and expects different results.

Following these guidelines will stand you in good stead for a profitable email marketing campaign.