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What is SEO

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SEO is not SPAM.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a branch of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that is also a branch of Internet Marketing. Main goal of search engine optimization is to increase the position of a website or just parts of it in search engines’ (mostly Google) organic results – SERP, since the better positioning in the search results is closely related to the increase in the website’s traffic.

Simplified, definition of Search Engine Optimization might sound something like this: Everything that is done to ensure that your website is found on the Internet and to make sure that the ensuing traffic converts.

Types of SEO

As in everything, there are several methods in SEO: path of light or WHITE HAT SEO, the dark side of SEO or BLACK HAT SEO and the shady middle or GRAY HAT SEO.

[tab title=”White Hat SEO”]
White Hat SEO - StateOfSEO.comPlain and simple: ethical SEO. This is the way that everyone should take, since with a bit greater effort you’ll get peace of mind and results you’ve been looking for. Techniques used in the white hat SEO are the things that would naturally help your website to rank better in the SERP: organic way of acquiring links (by using viral marketing, link baits, free stuff like free e-books, etc.) faster loading time, better and fresh content, neat and clean inner link structure and similar.

Main search engines as Google, Yahoo and Bing even give advice on how to do your SEO and still follow their rules, and believe me, that is the what you want to go.[/tab]
[tab title=”Black Hat SEO“]
Black Hat SEO - StateOfSEO.comNaturally, black hat or ways of cheating search engines is a faster and easier way to get your website sky high in the rankings, but final results can (and will) be terrifying. The faster you climb the faster will you fall down never to return… state known as Google Hell or de-indexation of the websites.

If your website is de-indexed, it will still be online, findable by imputing the exact URL in the browser, but for search engines it will be dead and invisible in the SERP.
Black Hat guys use wide variety of bad moves like link cloaking, keywords stuffing, forum spamming, etc.[/tab]
[tab title=”Gray Hat SEO”]
Grey Hat SEO - StateOfSEO.comBasically, Gray Hat search engine optimization is like a dance on the wire. It’s a balance between fast but dangerous Black Hat and slower but safe White Hat SEO.
Here people use both techniques, but with lots of caution and always looking for new ways to make black hat more gray and safe as possible or make white hat techniques a bit faster.

Let’s be realistic, almost all White Hat SEO companies use a dash of Gray in their techniques. For example, low level links are now considered old ways of the spamming but, with a bit of an effort (and time) they can be created so that they look good, natural and eventually give your website some links (and so much needed link juice).[/tab]


Lot of people ask us “why should we pay more for SEO when we can simply pay ads on the search engines (PPC) and instantly get in the first position for the needed key phrases?”

Answer is a quite simple: with investing in Search Engine Optimization you don’t only get better rankings (and more traffic, naturally), you also get a better website and more quality content and these things will stay after your PPC campaign is over (and good positions acquired by PPC won’t). After the completion of a quality SEO campaign, your rankings will stay almost the same (under the condition that your competition doesn’t do SEO. In that case, they will get the upper hand over you in some time, but that’s inevitable).

Basically for a higher initial investment (you can start PPC campaigns with just a few bucks), you will gain so much more with the SEO then with the PPC.

How can SEO help my website

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Google only loves
you when everyone
else loves you first.

First and most important, search engine optimization will help your website rank better. But to do that, SEO’s need to help your website in many different ways and fix a lot of problems that you don’t even know you have. For majority of these anylsis you can use some of tools like: reportz.io, base.me or dibz.me, all specialised in some way of helping you improve your SEO. Some things that Search Engine Optimization can help you with are: lack of conversion rate, bad user experience or bad bounce rate percents. Basically, SEO will help your website be better by utilizing various link prospecting and reporting tools for both visitors and for search engines.

Some of SEO sub services that can help both company/website and person likewise are reputation management, global online presence, Social Media presence and other ways of getting most of the internet in your favor.

SEO Companies

Even if you know everything you need to know about SEO, there is a great chance that you will not have enough free time to do it by yourself.
SEO is time consuming stuff, and if you want good results, you will need to spend huge amounts of your time on it and because of that, we got ourselves one of the fastest growing internet industries called SEO.

Price of quality SEO services is sky high with a good reason. Having quality SEO professionals on your SEO campaign is crucial for its success. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms of search and only the best SEO company and individuals can keep track of what’s good and what is a no-no in the search engine optimization world. Remember, mistakes and constant disregard of the rules can cost you dearly in the SEO industry (Google Hell, SERP penalties, etc.)

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