B2b email marketing is arguably the most cost-effective platform to share news about your products with other companies in your industry. However, there are a number of guidelines which are essential to follow in order for a b2b email marketing campaign to succeed.

Here we lists some basic b2b email marketing guidelines.

Strong subject line

This is arguably one of the most important elements of any marketing email. Emails with the most engaging, fascinating content in the world are unlikely to be opened unless they have a subject line which encourages consumers to open it. A great subject line should be short, personalised and include a reason why the message should be opened.

Suitable frequency

One of the main reasons customers unsubscribe from b2b marketing emails is because they are contacted either too much or not enough by a brand. One good rule of thumb with regards to frequency is to only send emails if it has an objective. Emails without an objective is just noise to customers, meaning your time and effort would be best spent elsewhere.


Email MarketingSending emails at an appropriate time is a key step to improving open, click-through and conversion rates. Marketers should take note of which day their subscribers tend to open and click through the most. Many experts in the field believe that Tuesday is the best day to send b2b marketing emails whilst Friday afternoons are thought to be particularly poor.

Formal Tone

B2B emails should adopt the same tone as face-to-face meeting with potential clients. Some b2c marketing emails may get away with a less formal tones but this is inappropriate in a b2b environment.


Using your email marketing software to work out which tactics are working for you and where you need to improve. The definition of a fool is a person who completes the same action twice and expects different results.

Following these guidelines will stand you in good stead for a profitable email marketing campaign.