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Content marketing is one of the fastest-growing forms of online marketing, with more businesses than ever looking for a content strategy in order to give their website more authority with both the users and the search engines.

One of the biggest obstacles facing businesses looking for content, however, is what to write and how often. Sourcing a constant stream of content to publish on a website is more difficult than it sounds, with many writing a great deal of contention the first days and weeks before finding the ideas begin to run dry.
For this reason, news feeds have become more popular for businesses looking at content for their websites.

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With it being ever-changing, news provides exactly what marketers could want – authoritative and informed topics that are refreshed extremely regularly. Depending on the business, news stories could create any number of articles; from just a few to many scores each month.

News feeds also provide ways to link in to your website, giving readers an easy way through to the part of your business that deals with the same subject as the news story covers. By linking these “keywords” in the news story, users can read up about the topic, and then click through to the relevant part of your business page.
Not only this, news are highly regarded in the eyes of the search engines, provided that the written content is unique. Simply copying/pasting from news sites is not only plagiarism but publishing duplicate content, something the search engines deem as “spammy” and therefore punish the website with lower rankings as a result. By writing it in a different way, however; it is deemed unique and given more authority.

So content itself may be a struggle to come up with, but seeking a news feed will provide you with an endless, constantly updated stream of topics. This could allow you to publish content regularly to your website; endearing it to both the public and search engines alike.

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