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We generally miss lots of traffic related data. These data are extremely important for us because they help us to analyse the various aspects of viewers’ activity. Once these data are analysed, they can be extremely helpful in planning our online promotion strategies.
Many of the site owners use Google Analytics for analysing traffic behavior. However, many information/data still remain unexplored. By not collecting or exploring traffic related data of a site, the site owners are really leaving huge amount of opportunities. Once you collect these data and analyse them, you can chalk out a better online marketing plan, reach more users and monetise the unexplored traffic.

Many SEO services are helping site owners with these advanced traffic data services so that a comprehensive plan can be chalked out to get more targeted traffic and business. With more data and information you can get better insight and deeper engagement. 5 types of actionable data are given below that can leverage your site’s performance:

1. PollDaddy

It is a site that provides you with quantitative survey solution. This is a paid service, but the charges are less and affordable. In the business world, PollDaddy is considered as one of the most talked about site. It provides you with one-off polls along with survey data. Now, a question may arise that if it provides polling solutions then why not get the same service free of cost from other free polling sites? PollDaddy is not a polling site only. It gives much more information to its customers and some of these survey data include:

  • Report generation
  • Exporting of data
  • Management of Twitter polls

If you opt for its free version then you will get limited survey solution, amounting to 100 responses per month. In case of the Pro version, i.e. the paid version, the price of the service is less than $20 per month.

2. Urtak

This site is a relatively new one. Urtak conducts collaborative polls. It helps bloggers and site owners to know precisely what a community is thinking on a certain topic. Urtak can be placed on a website as a widget. This site is not same as any other polling site because Urtak.com allows its users to frame and place polling questions at the site. Thus, a blogger or website owner can get more customised data on issues concerning its own business.

3. Formspring

Target Audience Analysis

Formspring allows anyone to ask questions publicly. This site is a new one in the block and is online for the last 6 months only. However, its popularity is expanding at a rapid pace, which in one word can be regarded as explosive. Within this short span of time, it has recorded a whooping 50 million visitors per month. The most interesting aspect of this site is that it caters to all types of business verticals and topics (musicians, high school kids, rabbis, bloggers, etc.). Now, businesses, celebrities, bloggers or site owners can know for sure what their users, followers or fans want to know about them or their products/services. Formspring gives enhanced interactivity with friends, followers, fans and users and consequently better insight in the business demand, eliminating the guess work.

4. UserVoice

UserVoice is a unique and fast feedback delivery concept. You can now place a feedback form in your blog or site by cutting and pasting the UserVoice script. Installation of this feedback forum allows users of a site or blog to give their suggestions/ideas and also vote on various features that are needed to be included in the design and content. Free as well as paid options are available.

5. Hunch

It not only provides its users with advanced recommendation engine but also provides psycho-graphic and demographic data. A business or blogger or website owner can know about the needs and thinking pattern over a certain spectrum. You can get census data as well as cross blog comparisons from Hunch.com.

About Author: Derick Branson is an experienced writer, SEO analyst, web design expert and online marketer. He has amassed a total experience of more than 10 years. Derick has worked for many leading online marketing companies. Read his articles to know more about SEO services, social media marketing and web designing.

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