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Optimizing your site is something you should be constantly working on. Read this article to find out how to keep your SEO campaign up-to-date.

Some of your keywords might not remain popular. That’s the tough truth. As your online business grows, people will become more familiar with your products and perhaps use more specific keywords. Your brand could even become a strong keyword if you are able to develop a good branding strategy. Keep checking search volumes on Google Ad Words and other similar tools and use a good analytical plug-in to find out how people found your site. You should also monitor how your website ranks on different search engines for specific keywords to make sure your SEO campaign is efficient. There are quite a few websites with great rankings tools or options, like Raven Tools or toolbox at SEOmoz. Both of these tools are pretty pricy but definitely worth evey penny when it comes to tracking your SEO campaign.

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SEOmoz tools – image by authoritydomains.com

Keep your site well organized as you add more content. You should create an archive for your old articles and organize them by themes instead of in a chronological manner. Avoid changing the URLs of your pages in case there are backlinks that are still active and popular. If certain links are still bringing a lot of traffic to pages that are no longer relevant to your campaign, you should make a few changes to these pages. Add links to newer pages or use a 301 redirections to take this traffic to a new page.

Your old backlinks could still be useful, even if they are no longer attracting any traffic. Create a new level of back-links to direct traffic to the pages where there are prominent links to your content. For instance, if you posted a lot of links to your content on message boards, you should look for similar discussions on different message boards and post a link to the old discussion where you answered with a link to your content. If bloggers or webmasters have written articles containing links to your content, you should help them get this content featured in online magazines or on popular sites.

SEO Campaign
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Stay up-to-date with the sites and blogs your target audience visits. You need to get links from the most popular sites and perhaps join new social networks. Consumer surveys are a good way to stay current with trends, but you could also join message boards or keep track of what your customers share on social networks. Look for ways to integrate new trends into your campaign and do not hesitate to try new things. Pay attention to what your competitors are doing and expect them to copy you if you find a successful technique. Select your keywords smartly and get back-links on new popular sites before they do. If you find that the competition for a certain keyword is too strong, focus on another aspect of your campaign to get ahead of your competitors by reaching out to a niche they are not aware of yet.

Apply these tips and take the time to do some lite research on a regular basis. Do not hesitate to try new SEO techniques and reach out to new niches: this is how you will keep your online business going.