What is the Use of Google Authorship?

Many people are interested in making and publishing articles to popularize their sites and to attain more traffic. Google authorship[1] is great for better recognition and higher CTR for such people. The following discussion will exhibit the credits in using Google authorship[2].

Utilization of authorship in SEO

While considering the search engine results, it is quite obvious that users tend to access the sites which come at the top. What Google says in respective to these results is they need to produce some additional supports to their users in case of any data retrieval. They never want to pay way for any attempts which affect the reliability of their users. Thus, to retrieve any effectual data this authorship can be utilized.

 Google Authorship Image

Usage in Authorship in site traffic

It is really a good opportunity for websites which are full of useful information but with low ranking. Even if they were unable to reach more users through their websites, they can make use of Google authorship to provide unique and real time information to users. Thus they tend to give equal opportunities to the sites with high as well as low page rank[2]. If the authors have their Google authorship rating it helps the website for higher ranking. If the content of the author is really quality and innovative topic on the recent updates, then there will be fans for their name and this will also increase the site traffic.

Whenever an author works on an article it is obvious that they will expect good recognition. This recognition will also boost their interest. To make them feel comfort and to realize their recognition. Google authorship lays a better platform. The complete details of authors will be displayed along with their article. The author can also provide link in their bio details. This too helps us to boost the page ranking.

This can also be used for refined search. Users can easily search the articles written by individual author. Thus the authorship not only benefits author but also the users.

Have your Google authorship account

Attaining this authorship is also quite easy. Account need to be created in Google+. Once if the Google+ account is created and fill the all the details clearly as this increase your business strategy.

All the content which you make is to be linked to this Google+ account by using contributor. This process will greatly help in enhancing your business. Thus, you will get an additional opportunity to explore your site among huge crowd which results in seo guaranteed results. You need to wait patiently till the Google’s rich snippet tool verifying your account and displays your name and photo with the rating. Then you are enough to get more traffic.


Thus through the Google authorship we get traffic, credibility, and exposure. With this credit through Google authorship, your site will rank higher in the Google Page rank, which in turn helps you to Position higher in the Google page.

Link your Google+ profile to the content you create
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